Our Business Network

Include equities and listed derivatives brokerages, physical commodity trading houses, margin FX brokerages, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms.

We also represent Independent Solution Vendors (ISV) as providers of tech.

Our Expertise Spans

Technology Regulation, Market Data Compliance, Multi-Asset Venue Access, Buy and Sell-side Technology solutioning, which encompasses EMS, OMS, RMS, Back-Office and surveillance systems.

GGN also has experience in M&A introduction, pre-acquisition and due diligence research in the Capital Markets technology space.

Our professional services resource facilitates ISV partners in ‘last mile-delivery’ through integration effort.

Technology Vendor in Capital Markets

Equities, Futures, and FX brokerages

Physical commodity trading firms

Hedge funds, family offices, and proprietary trading firms

Tech M&A introduction

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